Truth is a Lion

Truth does not sit in a cave and hide like a lie. It wanders around proudly and roars loudly like a lion. — Suzy Kassem

* This quote in particular is about living and breathing truth, not buried truth. For example, someone who is right about something is not going to hide, but the guilty one will. Those armed with truth are confident to speak out against the untrue. Truth burns in them like an unquenchable fire. That person is the lion. The other, the rat.

Speak Loud for Change

To All Mankind by Suzy Kassem


Speak kind words 
to mankind
and the unkind will 
attack you.

Speak common sense
using all your senses,
and you will be attacked by
the senseless.

Speak truth,
and you will be attacked by
the untruthful.

Speak about absolutely nothing,
and absolutely nothing
will speak back,
but then nothing at all
will ever 

Suzy Kassem

"To All Mankind" by Suzy Kassem. Copyright 2013, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.

Karim Seddiki: The Trail of the Bottom Feeders and Plagiarists For Profit

Karim Seddiki is a fake entity designed to steal my intellectual property. My team has gathered enough evidence to end a court case in less than five minutes. All his quotes are linked to the same networks run by the same people. They feed off of writers and, in most cases, recycle words they know they can sell for their posters and t-shirts. Here is only one example of many:

In this posting I wrote in May of 2010, I say: "Don't look right or left to see what others are doing and constantly compare yourself to their success -- or failures...Find a way to balance your obligations so you can also roll freely to achieve your own personal success story. Most successful people STRUGGLED until they became successful. Success comes with strides."

Though the wording has been spun or compacted, this quote shows this entity feeds off my words and follows my works.

In addition, as of today, this is a fairly new quote that appeared only at the end of last year. It appears with his name only once (on this image) and in only one place. Yet it has been propagating on the net as UNKNOWN only weeks prior -- and can be found on the same poster sites exploiting my works. My legal team says my other quote, "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will" also began circulating with his name on it at exactly the same time.

But wait, there is more. We can actually name the key scam artist and his affiliations. This will all be revealed in court. So, there is no Karim Seddiki. There is just one hungry plagiarist out there exploiting hardworking writers for profit.

To all the thousands of people who have allowed my quote to go viral without first verifying who Karim Seddiki is or his initial published source, you guys would make great workers in a bottling factory. YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED. We now live in a nation overrun by senseless sheep leeching off the earth without a mind or conscience. This is proof of it.

Truth has not only left the building...but the ENTIRE country.

Suzy Kassem

From Kingston With Love

Sabrena McDonald and Natasha Griffiths of the Independent Actors Movement in Kingston, Jamaica read poetry from the Egyptian-American poet, Suzy Kassem. An extensive writer, poet, philosopher, human rights activist, filmmaker, and passionate citizen of the world, her poem is titled 'Little Boy War.' 

Have faith in your skills, negative thoughts kill. Self-doubt will kill your dreams before others do. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. – Suzy Kassem

Can someone please tell me who Karim Seddik or Seddiki is and why he is stealing my quotes? He has his name attached to my words all over the internet. I do not even know if this person is real because he is untraceable, so it is clear to me that it is a bogus name used by companies to exploit my words for profit. I have learned that quote sites that sell printed merchandise do this to avoid infringement penalties. If Karim Seddik is real, I will humiliate him and take him to court for impersonation. I will also sue every company for infringement and exploitation. Nothing insults a writer more than being exploited, renamed, or uncredited. This is not the first time this has happened to me. I have let it slide before in the past, but now I am going to make sure this will never happen AGAIN -- once and for all.

 If an honorable company or web site sharing quotes did a Google search before things went viral, those words would have lead to a 2008 entry in my blog. But now, those words are everywhere and credited to someone with no track record or actual source at all. I think it's weird too that the name is also Egyptian. A western Egyptian can write this way, but not an eastern Egyptian. I was born and raised in America and all my writings are protected by U.S and international copyright law. I have a track record with the U.S government for protecting my intellectual property. This is how I know this is intentional deception. If this guy actually exists, bring him to me. I hang people with no truth in them.

Any company using this quote to sell merchandise will be contacted by my lawyer.  All other entities also in violation of infringement are being asked to make the correction or remove the quote in its entirety. I will even go as far as take entire web sites down. This is my informal CEASE AND DESIST request before I drag people before the court and checks are forced to be written in my name. Again, I do NOT write for others to profit from my words. Just because I choose not to, does not grant anyone the license to utilize my intellectual property for financial gain without even asking me. Any image or web site with the wrong attribution will be reported for infringement and immediate removal.


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Have faith in your skills, negative thoughts kill. Self-doubt will kill your dreams before others do. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.  – Suzy Kassem

Why I Love India

I visit India a lot. I love the people, the colors, the scents and sounds, the beauty in its landscape, the architecture, and the intricate craftsmanship found in their carvings. However, when I tell people I was just in India, they automatically assume that I go there because I do yoga or am interested in Buddhism, or Bollywood, or am making a spiritual pilgrimage of some sort. I don't do yoga and I'm not a vegetarian -- though I only eat seafood. The truth is, I go to India because I like to explore new books and to be mentally challenged. I like to sit in a circle with old men who like to poke at my mind and challenge me to construct sentences using the smallest number of words to reveal the greatest wisdom. This is the truth.

I once stumbled into an old bookstore in Delhi by accident. The storekeeper there was at first very impatient with me and didn't like anybody to touch his books -- even customers. So after browsing for almost half and hour, he finally came up to me and asked me what I was looking for. I told him I didn't know, but will know when I see it. This answer frustrated him and his unfriendly manner would have immediately driven anybody out of the store. Yet I know there was something in this particular store that I was meant to find, so I stayed looking for it. I could tell the storekeeper was monitoring me closely though he acted like he was cleaning, carefully observing which books caught my eye. Then finally, he asked me, "Are you a poet?"

I asked him how he knew, and he told me that he could tell by the way I would open a book of poetry, scan a page, and put it back down with disinterest. He said the books I held in my hands longer belonged to the true poets, and the ones I put down quickly belonged to the writers who only thought of themselves as poets -- but did not think as true enlightened poets. Then he asked me for my religion, and I told him that I was a citizen of the world, and that my heart was my only temple, and love was my only religion. So then he closed down his shop and asked me if I wanted some tea.

It all began from here. For days on end, I would recite some words over tea, and Riaz would twist his beard in deep thought, and sometimes release a long: "ahaaaaahh" like a lamb. Then he would do something that shocked me the very first time. He would challenge me by replying with a line that would either answer or question what I had just recited. I wasn't used to that, and one day, instead of replying to him immediately, I disappeared for a few days to digest one of his questions before replying back. This actually pleased him, because I didn't answer just to answer. And when I finally did, it forced him to stop questioning me.

Finally I was invited to a home filled with very old wise men and poets. Most of the men there were Hindu and Sikh and didn't speak any English, so I would remain silent until Riaz would take a moment to translate words for me, or the spotlight turned to me to say something. In the beginning, the men were not used to having a foreign visitor, especially a woman -- one they knew absolutely nothing about. But after Riaz's introduction, they allowed me to sit with them, and only when I questioned one of their thoughts that challenged them, did they allow me to interject and share my own thoughts.

These men later taught me about Kabir, Iqbal, Firaq, Lucknavi, Sheerani, Chakbast, Majaz, Ludhianvi, Meeraji, Mehroom, Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, Jazbi, and my favorite storyteller poet -- Kālidāsa.
They said that if I took the time to learn their language, I would quickly become a reputable name in Urdu nazm. It saddens me that I have to go to India to have my words digested and savored for their meaning vs. form. While in the west, form takes precedence over meaning. This is really something to think about...because it should be changed.

I have never been challenged intellectually, for wisdom and by men of wisdom, in America or Egypt. In Egypt, under the Cairo bridge, across from a restaurant called Abou Tarek, the biggest writers in the country meet once a month at tables surrounded by smoke from hookahs. I found a home there for a little bit, meeting with songwriters, journalists, poets, and playwrights, screenwriters, and clever minds of all kinds. Yet I never felt truly stimulated or challenged there because nobody would ever question anything I would recite. It was common to receive commentary, but nobody ever made a remark that excited my mind and forced me to re-think my thoughts. Only the Indians did that. And I never realized how important it was to me until it happened.

Just sharing stories and poetry to an audience gets lonely after awhile. All minds need to challenged to stay active and stimulated -- to create even better work, and their best work. Every artist, no matter how reclusive they are, craves to have their work measured only by those that truly understand their work and are already giants with their work. Critics that cannot produce similar or greater work, have airy words that carry no worth. For example, someone who is not an artist, should never directly critique an artist (to the artist or his audience). The audience should never give this critic any attention or credibility, and the artist will never take this critic's words seriously unless the criticism comes from another artist whose work they already value and respect.

This is why I love India. For its rich literature and great love for wisdom, knowledge, and books. The number of booksellers in Delhi surpass any other city in the entire world. This is the blatant truth, yet I have yet to see this mentioned in any newspaper or magazine in the entire world.

Suzy Kassem 

The Way of Truth


When you crave the answer to any divine question,
And are prepared to abandon yourself
To Truth and Time to know it, 
You must first train yourself to distinguish 
All that is untrue to get to Truth,
And to do so,
Learn to interpret every word and line
With the heart and mind of 
A poet.

The language of Light
Can only be decoded by the heart,
And it has a very luminous
Mind and eye of its own.
However, if there is no truth in you,
You will not be able to see or recognize Truth,
So to you, nothing true will ever be

So learn to use your heart to recognize Truth
By dissecting it with the brightest light 
As it was intended to be shone.
This is the only way,
The right way of Truth,
And the only way it
Will ever be

The Way of Truth by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. 

On The Throne of All Existence


From her thighs, she gives you life
And how you treat she who gives you life
Shows how much you value the life given to you by the Creator.
And from seed to dust
There is ONE soul above all others --
That you must always show patience, respect, and trust
And this woman is your mother.
And when your soul departs your body
And your deeds are weighed against the feather
There is only one soul who can save yours
And this woman is your mother.
And when the heart of the universe
Asks her hair and mind,
Whether you were gentle and kind to her
Her heart will be forced to remain silent
And her hair will speak freely as a separate entity,
Very much like the seaweed in the sea --
It will reveal all that it has heard and seen.

This woman whose heart has seen yours,
First before anybody else in the world,
And whose womb had opened the door
For your eyes to experience light and more --
Is your very own MOTHER.
So, no matter whether your mother has been cruel,
Manipulative, abusive, mentally sick, or simply childish
How you treat her is the ultimate test.
If she misguides you, forgive her and show her the right way
With simple wisdom, gentleness, and kindness.
And always remember,
That the queen in the Creator's kingdom,
Who sits on the throne of all existence,
Is exactly the same as in yours.
And her name is,

Suzy Kassem

Kingdom of the Womb by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.



One evening,
I sat by the ocean and questioned the moon about my destiny.
I revealed to it that I was beginning to feel smaller compared to others,
Because the more secrets of the universe I would unlock,
The smaller in size I became. 

I didn't understand why I wasn't feeling larger instead of smaller.
I thought that seeking Truth was what was required of us all –
To show us the way, not to make us feel lost,
Up against the odds,
 In a devilish game partitioned by
An invisible wall.

Then the next morning,
A bird appeared at my window, just as the sun began
Spreading its yolk over the horizon.
It remained perched for a long time,
Gazing at me intently, to make sure I knew I wasn’t dreaming.
Then its words gently echoed throughout my brain,
Telling me:

 “The world you are in –
Is the true hell.
The journey to Truth itself
Is what quickens the heart to become lighter.
The lighter the heart, the purer it is.
The purer the heart, the closer to light it becomes.
And the heavier the heart,
The more chained to this hell
It will remain."

And just like that, it flew off towards the sun,
Leaving behind a tiny feather.
So I picked it up,
And fastened it to a toothpick,
To dip into ink
And write my name. 

FEATHERWEIGHT by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. 

The Moth and the Butterfly



When the sun rises over the horizon,
The butterfly emerges to dance in its brilliant light.
It flickers its colorful wings with euphoria,
To celebrate all the beauty found
In the majestic garden of life.

When the moon arrives in the darkness,
The moth appears at the disappearance of sunlight.
It flickers its pale wings as it shakes from its deep slumber,
To go search for food 

To carry it through the night.

The moth prefers the moon and detests the sun,
While the butterfly loves the sun and hides from the moon.
Every living creature responds to light,
But depending on the amount of light you have inside,
Determines which lamp in the sky
Your heart will swoon.  

Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2013, Suzy Kassem. All Rights Reserved.

The Three Laws of All

THE THREE LAWS OF ALL, Prose by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Stand Up for What is Right Even If You Stand Alone - Quote by Suzy Kassem


There has been a lot of theft and false attributions regarding many of my quotes. Therefore, I would like to clear everything up once and for all in this written statement to the world.

"Stand up for what is right even if you stand alone" originally came from my mouth and handwriting. There have been many youngsters and even seniors in the past two years that tried to claim ownership of my words, but my signature trait is writing using parallels and parables. It is a proven Egyptian style, not an American one. See all my other quotes for reference. I do have a keen ability to recognize my words no matter how people try to manipulate them or try to label them as Anonymous. To still be alive and well and to be seperated from my own words, tugs at my heart and pains me more than anyone will ever know. It is the same as giving someone credit for another artist's painting.

I understand that being a strong woman thinker can be intimidating to men, and my heritage can incite racism to small minds. However, I can detect the vibrations surrounding my words regardless of how they are spun, and I frown deeply at those that claim them as their own -- or simply tag them as Anonymous just to sell a poster, mug, or calender. This is extremely dishonorable and offensive. Again, I am still alive and well.

The quote: Stand up for what is right, even if you stand (are standing alone) came to me in Egypt when I was just fourteen years old. Because I am American-born and raised, I saw many injustices there that repulsed me. One night, while my family was vacationing in Agami beach, my older sister and I strayed off to find new friends. We were sitting on a ledge near the sand when we saw a police official bully an old man selling tangerines for money. When the helpless man said he didn't have anything to give him and pled for mercy, the officer tipped over the man's cart -- throwing all his tangerines to the street floor. I had a Sony video camera that I carried on me everywhere, and filmed the whole event while ducked down behind the ledge. During that period in my life, I had strong aspirations to one day work for CNN or National Geographic.

Watching an old man get pushed around by a government force that was designed to protect him, really scared my sister and I. We hurried off to tell my parents, but a police officer who saw us running shouted at us to stop. He grabbed us and took us in for questioning, then destroyed the tape from my camera as we watched, and put us in an office with a captain dressed in white. Seeing that we were not Egyptian-grown, he asked to see our passports. We told him that our father had them and that we could go get them, but instead he held us in detention and kept interrogating us like we were criminals. I was shook up and began to cry, but my wise older sister said to me, "We didn't do anything wrong. We can sit here all night and have dad worry about us, or go stand up for what is right even if we are all alone." 

Since then, that statement has spiraled throughout all my writings. This is why I take that specfic quote to heart. I write from my heart as a poet and serious philosopher, and not from my ego. There is a difference. This is why I have always shared and given all my writings away for free -- to be a positive contribution to humanity. However, I will not allow anybody to profit off my writings just because I choose not to. Truth is not for sale. Everything I have in my book, I announced to my readers that its content was already online for free. Being generous with sharing knowledge doesn't mean I will ignore and be tolerant of plagiarism. After all, I do fight for truth and justice. Every man is here to serve a purpose, so please do not try to subtract from mine.

I have put the word out, that if anybody sees false attributions attached to any of my words, to call out the plagiarists. I do have heavy influence in global street culture, and my face has been painted on at least one wall in every country. All my writings are also protected by international law.  I am a strong generous woman, and have been well educated in America and Europe. Do not let my image fool you. My brain is worth a million men.

He who said that there were no female philosophers in history was intentionally targeting this one -- Suzy Kassem, the first hardcore AMERICAN one. After all, I have been a product of America since birth,  despite also being influenced by my Egyptian heritage. Women CAN BE strong thinkers. There is no correct image for intelligence or genius. Words from powerful minds are always felt before they are even seen. If you cannot detect and connect the fire and vibrations behind my words, then there is not a spark of truth in you. Truth can only be seen by those with truth in them. If you ever need to question the true authorship behind any written thoughts, simply go study the rest of that person's work. I have been writing and preaching to the streets and my generation for over twenty years.

My words are my personal artwork. Please respect them. Never separate my words from my name. If you cannot come up with any from your own heart and brain, then perhaps you do not belong in the word and thought game.

Suzy Kassem 

Stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone. -- Suzy Kassem 
Stand up for what it right even it means standing alone. -- Suzy Kassem

Beautiful Music Courtesy of South Africa

Mafikizolo is a beautiful South African musical group that started back in the 1990s. Though legendary in their home country for almost two decades, their hypnotic melodies have not yet reached the United States. When you scan what America considers hot these days, you can easily see why not. True substance has abandoned us. When hype can be bought, those with true talent suffer -- unless they splurge to buy into the game. This song is for those with sophisticated ears and good taste in music.

Here's the link:
Mafikizolo - Uyakwazi Ukwenza.mp3

 Supplemental Reading:

A Woman Named Good

Lee Jeffries

There once was a woman named Good.

Every day, she gave milk to the cats on the street, fed the homeless, and took care of the crippled.

One day while walking home, a battered cat jumped out from behind a trashcan and bit Good in the ankle. It wouldn't let go, so Good had to kick the cat to release its tight grip. One of the village boys saw her kicking the cat while he was parking his bike. The next day, everybody was talking about Good like she was no good.

It did not matter to them that Good had been very good every day for over 20 years. And it did not matter to them to find out what really happened. The villagers only repeated what they heard, and judged Good accordingly. After that day, Good still went on being good, because she was not good for the sake of looking good, but being truly good. If she had stopped being good after being called bad, then the village people would have been right by changing the color of her light in everybody's eyes. But by remaining TRUE to herself and her good deeds, she defeated their words and convinced them they were wrong, and in time, Good's reputation returned to being gold again.

In the end, nobody can judge another man's heart, but Truth. Always be good for yourself, and not for the sake of others. Each man is responsible for the weight of his own heart. And to this day, Good still fights the good fight to stay good.

By Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2012, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.
*Photo by Lee Jeffries

Part Sun and Moon

This poem is a piece of work from 2008, which was later published in my book in 2010. A good man named Matt has recently turned it into a beautiful work of art. For that reason, I would like to share it again.

Meet My Father

My father was a professor of strategic management at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, in the early ‘70s. He co-wrote books with Geert Hofstede and published many articles on strategic marketing and management across cultures. In his early studies, he was a student and teacher assistant to Peter Drucker at New York University and Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago, where he got his MBA and PhD. Now in his late 80s, he designs MBA programs around the world and sets up management consulting firms throughout the Gulf states.

My father made sure I traveled the entire world before I reached the age of 11. He also encouraged me to study all religions and put me in Catholic schools, Islamic schools, Jewish schools, and international boarding schools. He is the reason how I became the way I am – a true citizen of the world. He made me attend summer school every year even if I didn't have to go. Education was very important to him, and that explains why I speak four languages. He also forced me to take art and theater courses, and even today after I had already finished college over a decade ago, he still forces me to take classes in everything and anything just to stay current in my education,  even if I don't use any of it.

Last summer, my father had me sign him up to study the oud guitar in Boston. I thought it was the strangest request in the world since it was a camp for all ages. Yet he went and had so much fun.

My father taught me that learning is an endless process and that there is no limit to the amount of knowledge a person can contain. You are never too old to learn something new, or too young to learn too much. My father was very hard on me during my youth and I resented him for pushing me too hard. However, now that I look back at everything, I may have not been ready to learn all things he wanted me to when he wanted me to do them, but he forced my brain to expand in so many directions – directions I probably would have never explored without his involvement. So even though I did not understand him in my youth and rebelled a lot, I am very grateful to have him as my father. I love him for forcing my eyes to study things I didn't care to look at on my own. I love him for opening my ears to classical music and making me memorize composers and conductors I didn't have a taste or the patience for at the time. Because now, I realize I wouldn't be the same Suzy Kassem without Sami Kassem in my life. He gave me the vision I use in all my work today, and has sculpted my heart to be a very compassionate one.

Suzy Kassem



Each day is born with a sunrise
and ends in a sunset, the same way we
open our eyes to see the light,
and close them to hear the dark.
You have no control over
how your story begins or ends.
But by now, you should know that
all things have an ending.
Every spark returns to darkness.
Every sound returns to silence.
Every flower returns to sleep
with the earth.
The journey of the sun
and moon is predictable.
But yours,
is your ultimate

"HEARTWORK" by Suzy Kassem
Excerpt from Children of the First Sun

Copyright 2013-2014. All rights reserved.

A Mirror of a Million Divine Mansions


The most important words mentioned in all your holy books and scriptures are one and the same:

"You will know the good from the bad by their actions."

A good man will never harm or oppress another. A good man will share his last morsel of food with others in need, and die of hunger when he no longer has any food -- instead of cheat or steal from others to survive. This is the mark of an honest, selfless man. There is a leader much greater than all your leaders combined, and that is the Creator, who is also even greater than all your parents combined.

The Creator is the true parent of us all, and the parent of all our parents, including all the animals and planets on this planet and others planets far and beyond. This beautiful entity does not have a drop of hatred in His/Her spiritual composition. And this magnificent entity gets very sad and disappointed to see His/Her children fight and divide because He/She is the greatest parent of us all -- and NO PARENT likes to see their children fighting and killing each other. The Creator WOULD NOT approve of you puncturing, harming, cheating, or misleading any of his children. Yet, he would approve of you loving and standing up for all your brothers and sisters. If you harm one of his creations by the hair, He/She will harm one of yours by the hair. Fair is fair. And the Creator is FAIR and square. LOVE is the ultimate religion. Amplify LOVE and your heart will GROW. Amplify HATE and your heart will shrink. And in the end, as I keep reminding all of you, it is only the weight of your heart that truly matters in the end. LOVE is truly the only answer to all this madness. This last line is also written in ALL your religious books and scriptures, but most importantly, it is elegantly scribed inside your own hearts.

If all men are made in God's reflection, then why do some people continue to acknowledge only what is in their part of the mirror? If every man was truly created EQUAL, and in the image of God, then how can any man claim that one race is better than another, or that one one nation is less deserving than another?

-- Suzy Kassem

If a Woman Could Once Again Rule Egypt

By Suzy Kassem

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would turn Egypt into the most powerful nation in the world,
And every citizen of Egypt, would become a world-class citizen of the world.  
I would make it easier for any Egyptian citizen to be able to travel and explore beyond the nation's boundaries,
And there would be no limits --
For anyone wanting to expand their knowledge 
And pursue their dreams.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,
I would return Egypt into the mecca for the cultural arts. 
All theaters across Egypt will be restored and re-opened. 
A regime that does not like to be criticized is a regime that knows it is cheating the people.
 A nation where Truth and Justice prevail should never be afraid of any kind of scrutiny. 
All avenues for creativity will again flourish. 
All master craftsmen will return to their work. 
No sculptures or products made in China will be allowed for sale in tourist areas in Egypt again. 
Egyptian sculptors will return to traditional sculpting. 
High quality standards in all fields of art will be restored.   
Any sort of recognition in the entertainment industry or any avenue of the arts will be based on true merit. This is a must. 
Egyptians will return on the world stage as being the mightiest producers of the greatest art ever – no matter the form.   
Grant programs to encourage the arts will be introduced on a grander scale. 
Higher standards will be expected in cinema, music, and all fields of art.
 Art  has always been half of Egypt’s beauty. 
We must water it, cultivate it, and treat it like a flower.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would remove the word “wusta” from the Egyptian vocabulary.   
Nobody stands between a man and God, so why should a man stand in the way of a man of merit
and an honorable opportunity -- if he has the right qualifications and is the BEST man for the position?  
 A man’s true worth should only exist in his actions and the coloring of his heart.   
However, if a man presents himself for an opportunity, he should only be judged based on his true merit and character – and nothing more. 
It should not matter who a man’s father is, where he comes from, and what he does for a living. 
Every human is equal in God’s eyes and shall be treated as such in Egyptian society – 
and before the law.  
 Inequality is the platform for injustice.  
 Unfairness always leads to problems.
 If we keep this imbalance, there will always be turbulence.   
The term “wusta” should never replace "true merit". 
There is no truth in this practice. It is dishonest and unjust. 
It is not fair that brilliant minds sit at home wasting away,
While many men who are not properly trained for their positions --
sit in high positions of power simply because of who they know. 
This is why Egypt is drowning in corruption and aimlessness. 
Egypt needs the smartest talent and minds to move it forward, 
NOT the most connected people.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would make The New Egypt a mirror of the First Egypt installed by our ancestors. 
The New Egypt will stand on two legs and these legs only: Truth and Justice.  
The Laws of Truth and Justice will return to Egypt and her eyes will be everywhere.
 There will be no more corruption in the courts, in administrative affairs, in rulership, 
or within the police force. 
The eyes of Truth and Justice will be everywhere.
All criminals who lie, cheat, steal, or kill will be tried before the courts and penalized with an equal hand according to the law regardless of who they are
 or who they know.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,
There would be high standards set in construction, food quality, education, and medicine.  
 If students can only pass classes with the assistance of tutors, then we need smaller classes and better teachers. The new Egyptian will be required to know at least two languages and be proficient in technology before the age of 18 to qualify for a free college education.  If one should master THREE languages, the Ministry of Education will send that student overseas to study for a M.A or PhD, on the condition that they commit at least seven years working for the Egyptian government when they return. We need first-class world citizens to be part of our country’s administration and we will take care of those we cultivate.  I want every Egyptian to speak different languages and to travel. The government will provide grants to everyone who graduates with a higher degree in or outside of Egypt to travel to at least one part of the world as part of an exploratory, business, media, OR diplomacy program.
YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,
I would make sure all ancient artifacts belonging to Egypt are returned to Egypt. All foreign archaeologists will be forced to return to their native countries at once. There will be no more plundering of the dead in Egypt and strict penalties will be enforced on those disturbing or disrespecting the dead in any form. Egypt will never rest in peace until she is back in one piece. EVERYTHING WILL BE RETURNED.  
 There would be no more destruction, abuse, exploitation, or stealing of Egyptian antiquities.   
All museums would be ordered to return everything at once --
Or they will be sued and boycotted by the Egyptian government and the youth of Egypt for stealing the belongings of their ancestors, exploiting the dead, and misinterpreting their history. 
If anybody wants to see parts of Egypt, 
THEY must come to Egypt to see her.  

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would CUT all relations with countries trying to push for nuclear power plants to be built along the Sinai.  Nuclear Energy is unnecessary for Egypt when we have the means to tap into solar energy as we did before.  Egypt is a mighty nation filled with the world’s best engineers. The smart engineer knows this deal would jeopardize the safety of Egypt and benefit only its enemies. 

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
The best journalists, educators, scientists, doctors, artists, writers, and engineers would be rewarded each year by the President in front of the media and all Arab nations. Excellence in all fields will be encouraged and commended. We need bold, honest reporters to keep truth and justice prevalent across the land.  It is time to honor them instead of silence them.
YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,  
Terrorism of any sort would not be tolerated. 
Penalties would be doubled for those that claim they stand for God
Yet their actions and words do not reflect such. 
Tarnishing the image of Egypt,
Or an entire religion 
By claiming to act for them, 
Yet your actions prove you are against them,
Will weigh dangerously in the courts.
There would be no hypocrisy in Egypt. Only Truth.

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt. 

If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt,  
 I would make sure the Egyptian parliament is divided equally amongst Muslims and Coptic Christians. Both religions are dominant forces in Egypt. Both wings are needed to make Egypt fly strong. Religion will never be used to divide and cripple the citizens of Egypt. We will be a peaceful nation inside and outside our borders. 

YES. If a woman could once again rule Egypt.
If I, Suzy Kassem, a woman, could rule Egypt, 
I would remove all dams along the Nile. 
This will also go for Ethiopia. 
No dams that conflict with the natural divine flow of nature will be constructed. 
In the past, both Egypt and Ethiopia experienced the greatest heights of their civilization when the Nile was allowed to flow naturally – controlled only by the forces of nature.   
A fraction of the instability experienced in both countries today is due to the plugging of the Nile. 
You cannot stick a tampon in a woman and leave it there and not expect negative side effects.
Man was not created to play God or to take command of his orchestra. 
Let Mother Nature flow as she was intended. 
The prosperity of Egypt has always depended on the Nile.
Our ancestors were able to adapt to floods, and so must we.
Agriculture will return to being Egypt’s chief export.  
 We will export more food than we import. No child in Egypt should ever sleep hungry.  
 As the first woman president in Egypt since the Pharaohs, tending to the Nile and the overall fertility and prosperity of Egypt would be my top priority.
I understand the importance of water and the cycles of womanhood.
This is Egypt,
and Egypt has always been

-- Suzy Kassem
American-born and educated. Internationally-raised and traveled. An Egyptian National and Daughter of Egypt. I am Suzy Kassem. God is my only leader. Truth is my only sword. Guided only by my conscience, I am a true citizen of the world.

The throne of Egypt has always passed from the blood of woman, the blood of which initially belonged Isis.  This is why we call Egypt a woman and mother.  In addition, the ruling law of Egypt also once rested on the wings of Truth and Justice, which belonged to those of Maat. It has always been a woman holding up the foundation, the two legs and wings of Egypt. Without women, there would be no womb and no life. Without the flooding of the Nile, Egypt would have never thrived into the wisest, most powerful and richest civilization in the world. It is time to return Egypt to the powerful nation it once was. The country now needs a sharp eagle to lead the Mother of the World out of its state of despair, and reverse it back into a hopeful star of the future. Let that eagle be an intelligent and wise, objective and sensible -- full-blooded Egyptian woman. A woman who will serve you, not oppress you and your children. A woman who loves the arts and understands the vitality of creativity in fostering a happy and healthy environment. A woman who can communicate across cultures, diplomatically and to the streets, and is a shrewd negotiator, peacemaker, protector and lion who leads only with her heart.

Please consider this poem as a list of ideas for a better Egypt.

I thank you all in advance.

Your Servant,


If a Woman Could Once Again Rule Egypt, Copyright 2013, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.For more writings, go to SUZYKASSEM.COM or get the book, Rise Up and Salute the Sun